Green Home Features

Our Homes are Green and Energy-Efficient

What does that mean? It means that during the construction of our homes we follow many of the practices outlined in the National Green Building Standard relating to energy efficiency, water efficiency, durability and indoor air quality.

We also participate in the HERS (Home Energy Rating System) administered by Resnet. Under this program, we have our HVAC equipment and ducts designed as well as an analysis of the entire home’s energy-efficiency performance. Independent third party inspectors survey the home during and after construction to verify all of the energy-efficient features are in place and conduct performance testing to ensure we’ve met the requirements.

Our Energy-Saving Features Pay for Themselves

Our Green Homes are built with energy efficiency in mind from the ground up. The cost of these features really pays off over time as your huge savings on bills adds up!

Home Features

Each of our Manchester Green Homes comes with a full set of features built right in, from energy efficiency, to comfort, to convenience.

Luxury Touches

Comfort and Air Quality


Energy Efficiency


Water Efficiency

Features are subject to change without notice. Please consult with our sales representative.