Is Oklahoma a Good Place for Home Solar Panels?

Solar panels on your roof or in your yard generate electric energy from the sun, which then gets fed back into the electric grid—it sends your meter spinning the other way.

Oklahoma may not be the first place that comes to mind when you think about home solar panels, but it is actually one of the best places in the nation for solar energy.

It’s pretty sunny here.

According to the Oklahoma Department of Commerce, Oklahoma is 6th in the nation for solar capacity, and even has more sunny hours per year than California!

This means that there are sunny days almost all year long—perfect for generating free electricity from your own home’s solar panels.

You’ll make your money back.

With this much sun available, your home solar panels will pay for themselves in saved electric costs.

Different factors can influence how much energy your solar panels can generate, including the amount of shade in your yard, the type of panels you get, and how they are placed. However, sources such as Forbes report that if you include the tax breaks you can get from installing solar panels, you could make your entire cost back in less than ten years. As modern solar systems don’t require maintenance for 25-30 years, you’ll quickly move into deeper saving.

It really is better for the environment.

Some supposedly eco-friendly ideas seem to be a wash when you consider their overall impact, but residential solar is proven to be a directly useful way to reduce your carbon footprint and lighten your use of fossil fuels.

The industry is booming.

With a central location and many incentives for business, solar companies have flocked to Oklahoma to set up shop. This means you can get a competitive rate on your panels and have your choice of local installation companies.

Oklahoma is a great place for home solar panels.

The state has plenty of sunshine and an ideal climate for generating renewable energy from the sun.