Is Oklahoma City a Good Place to Retire?

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, is a unique city that offers so much to retirees. The cost of living is low and taxes are favorable for seniors. Oklahoma City has one of the most successful senior communities in the country and has been rated as one of the best places to retire.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau’s estimates, over 600,000 people live in Oklahoma City with nearly 13% of them being 65 years or older. To top it off, the city boasts dozens of golf courses within a half hour drive and plenty of fishing. With all these reasons why not retire here?

About Oklahoma City, OK.

Oklahoma City is the capital of Oklahoma, and it’s located in the center of the state, which is solidly in the middle of the US. This makes it an ideal location for visiting friends and family both within Oklahoma and the rest of the country.

Oklahoma City offers a lot of great things for retirees.

Oklahoma City offers a lot of great things for retirees. The city has a low cost of living, with many safe neighborhoods.

The weather is ideal: Oklahoma City has long, warm summers and mild winters that are perfect for outdoor activities like golfing or hiking along its many trails in the surrounding neighborhoods.

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Low cost of living.

Of course, a low cost of living is not enough to make a city a great place to retire. But it’s certainly an important factor. Oklahoma’s cost of living and tax burden is lower than average, meaning you’ll have more money in your pocket for the retirement you enjoy.

Tax benefits for retirees in Oklahoma.

Oklahoma is considered a tax-friendly state for retirement.

The state already has a lower than average property tax rate, which makes owning a home here a great deal. But the best news is that there is a full tax exemption on social security benefits, and a large deduction for other retirement benefits.

Friendly people.

Oklahoma City is a friendly city. The residents of Oklahoma City are known for their hospitality, which makes it an ideal place to retire.

The city has a small-town feel with all the amenities of a big city. It’s easy to get around on foot or by car, but there are also public transportation options available if you don’t want to drive yourself around town!

Oklahoma City has one of the lowest crime rates in America–so you can rest assured knowing that your money will be safe when you’re out enjoying all that this city has to offer!

Winter is mild and the weather is sunny for most of the year.

While there can be some bad weather, the winter here is mild and the weather is sunny for most of the year. The average temperature in winter is 50 degrees, while summertime temperatures reach into the 90s. Most precipitation falls in spring and summer months, with an annual average of 22 inches.

Live your dream of a home on a golf course or lake.

Oklahoma City and the surrounding area is the perfect place to live your dream of a home on a golf course or lake, or just be able to visit whenever you like.

There are 16 golf courses in Oklahoma City, 8 of which are municipal courses. There are also another 20 golf courses within a half hour drive of the city.

The winter months can be chilly, but sunny, with plenty of nicer days to tee off, making it a year-round place to play.

And if you’re not much of a golfer yourself but still want access to beautiful scenery and fresh air (and maybe some good food), then spending time at one of these fine establishments might be just what you need!

Many new communities are being created in the greater area, including waterfront homes in nearby Guthrie, Oklahoma, and golf course homes in Blanchard, Oklahoma.

Retired man using a golf cart on a golf course.

Natural beauty and outdoor activities.

Oklahoma City is surrounded by lakes and rivers, so if you’re looking for a place to go fishing or boating, you can’t go wrong. The city also has many parks and trails where residents can enjoy nature in their free time.

In addition to its natural beauty, Oklahoma City offers a variety of outdoor activities such as bird watching, hiking, and biking through its many parks and trails, or fishing and boating at Lake Hefner or Lake Stanley Draper.

Small town feel with big city convenience.

Oklahoma City is a big city with a small town feel. It has a population of about 600,000 and sits in the center of the state, making it convenient for residents to visit neighboring cities like Tulsa and Norman without having to travel far.

There’s also plenty going on within the city itself: OKC hosts dozens of large festivals each year!

Top rate medical care and senior communities.

Oklahoma City has the highest quality of medical care in the state, and it’s also home to many hospitals and medical facilities. The metro area is home to over 50 hospitals and clinics, including Baptist Medical Center St. Anthony Hospital (a national leader in heart care) and Oklahoma Heart Hospital (the nation’s leading provider of open-heart surgery).

Oklahoma City offers an abundance of senior communities where you can live out your golden years with comfort and ease. Whether you’d like to stay within walking distance of restaurants or enjoy easy access to public transportation, there are plenty of options available here—including apartments with amenities like onsite dining rooms, fitness centers or swimming pools, independent living facilities that offer assisted living services, and retirement communities where residents enjoy social activities such as golfing trips together while still having their own apartments.

Oklahoma City is a great place to retire.

The cost of living is low, the weather is sunny and warm for a lot of the year, there are many outdoor activities to enjoy and friendly people who will welcome you into their community. If you’re looking for an affordable place with lots of amenities, then Oklahoma City should be at the top of your list!