Moving to Oklahoma from California – Everything You Need to Know

So you’re thinking about moving to Oklahoma from California.

Here’s the thing about moving to Oklahoma: for most people, it works really well. The cost of living is lower in Oklahoma and there are plenty of high-paying jobs available here too. Even though the climate isn’t quite as nice as southern California, we get almost the same amount of sunshine with beautiful scenery everywhere you look (and no earthquakes).

So if you’re thinking about making this move yourself—or just curious about why others have made it—here are some reasons why people love moving from CA to OK.

The cost of living is lower in Oklahoma.

You can expect to spend less on housing and utilities in Oklahoma than you would in California. The cost of living is lower across the board, so you’ll probably find yourself saving money on food as well. If you’re thinking about moving from California to Oklahoma, this should be one of your biggest motivators for making the move.

You can get a better house in Oklahoma.

Oklahoma has plenty of affordable housing options. Here, spacious executive homes with big yards in good neighborhoods are available from the $700s, something that will cost you millions on the West Coast.

Oklahoma has lots of space so there isn’t as much crowding as there is in California, even though there are more people moving here than ever before.

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You can get a better job in Oklahoma.

When you move to Oklahoma, you can find a job. The state’s unemployment rate is lower than California’s and the cost of living is lower as well. That means that your money will go further in Oklahoma; therefore, there are more opportunities for you to earn more money here than there were before you moved. You can find a job that suits you, rather than going for the highest possible pay and all the stress that comes with it.

Less traffic.

Traffic is one of the biggest headaches for people who live in California. With more than 10 million residents, the state is simply too crowded for everyone to get around efficiently. In Oklahoma, traffic isn’t nearly as bad. You’ll find that it’s much easier to get from point A to point B when you move here than it was before you left California.

Taxes are lower in Oklahoma.

Taxes are lower in Oklahoma. California has the highest income tax rate in the country, not to mention through-the-roof property taxes. All taxes are lower in Oklahoma, a state with below average tax rates.

Oklahoma is business friendly.

If you’re looking to start a business, Oklahoma is a good place to do so. There are many incentives for new businesses, including tax credits and low property taxes.

There are plenty of reasons to consider moving to Oklahoma.

Oklahoma is a great place to live, work, or start a business. If you’re considering moving to Oklahoma from California, then there are plenty of reasons why it may be right for you.