Energy Efficient Homes in Oklahoma City

At Manchester Green Homes, every one of our homes is built to be Green following many of the practices outlined in the National Green Building Standard relating to energy efficiency, water efficiency, durability and indoor air quality.

 What Makes Our Homes Energy Efficient?

We build with Oklahoma weather and conditions in mind, going above and beyond the standards to build extremely efficient homes. Our homes feature quality insulation from foundation to attic, advanced framing, high tech windows, attic cooling solar board, Energy Star or better appliances, and more.

Save Money on Utilities

Fewer Repairs Needed

Healthier and More Comfortable

Less Impact on Our Planet

Estimated Energy Savings Up to 40%

A code built home has a HERS (Home Energy Rating System) index score of 100. Our homes typically have a HERS score of 60-65, meaning an estimated energy savings of 35%-40%.

HERS Index

Durable Construction Built for Oklahoma

We build with Oklahoma in mind, going above and beyond the standards to build homes that are resistant to heat, water, and termites.

Indoor Air Quality

Good indoor air makes a home comfortable and healthy. Our homes are built with low to no VOCs in paint and flooring, and have advanced airflow systems.

Better for Our Planet

Eco-friendly construction and less utility consumption saves resources and lowers your impact on the environment in the short and long term.